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Customers like to know about the company or business and people behind the products and services they buy.

Our Company

As a licensed business, Craig-Renfro Communications as been serving the needs of its clients (mostly in the Hampton Roads area) for more than 15 years. Our client database ranges from single users to the military, and from juniors to seniors. When you really ENJOY what you do as a business and service, you don't call it "work" or job—you call it a blessing.

At your request, a brochure and other printed information will be mailed to you.

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Our Business Philosophy

Treat every customer with the highest respect and sincerity. Be mindful to NEVER compromise the customer's trust or our integrity.  Address each computer issue as though it was "personal" and immediate. 

Craig-Renfro Communications * P O BOX 8443 * Norfolk, VA * USA * 23503-0443